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Additional Info

  • Funding agency/program: ESA/DUE
  • Duration: 2009-Present
  • Status: ongoing
  • Partners: Ifremer, CLS, SatOC, NOC, Logica

The GlobWave Project is an initiative funded by ESA (and subsidised by CNES) through the Data User Element (DUE), which is a programmatic element of the 3rd period of the Earth Observation Envelope Programme (EOEP-3), an optional programme of the European Space Agency. It aims towards improving the uptake of satellite-derived wind-wave and swell data by the scientific, operational and commercial user community. It delivers homegeneous and consistent delayed-mode (GDR) and near-real time (NRT) products from all existing satellite and sensors, as well as resources to assess the quality of the data.



In this context, CERSAT tasks are focused on :

  • hosting the GlobWave portal
  • processing and disseminating the GlobWave satellite products
  • collecting and homogenizing all possible in situ wave measurements from existing buoy networks
  • delivering to the community satellite to in situ matchups for all sensors
  • providing online tools to visualize, analyze and extract GlobWave data