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PIOLLE Jean-François

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Engineer - Data Management

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Phone+33 (0) 2 98 22 46 91
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Jean-François PIOLLE (CERSAT) holds a diploma of Computer Engineering, INSA, Rennes, 1996.

From 1996 to 1999 he worked as a software engineer in the industry, contributing to the development of several processing and analysis tools for marine data. From 1999-onwards he has been working as a data manager at CERSAT/IFREMER (Brest). His main realizations include the development of various optimally analysed gridded fields of sea-surface parameters (wind, fluxes, gas exchange coefficient and sea surface temperature), the design of several advanced tools for the search, extraction, and visualization of ocean data (Nausicaa, Naiad,...), the implementation of a wide multi-sensor intercomparison/colocation capability and matchup databases, and the evolution of CERSAT facility toward an operational multi-mission real-time satellite archiving and production center.

He has been responsible for the data management and dissemination of satellite ocean products at CERSAT for several years. He is deeply involved in various national and international projects with EUMETSAT (O&SI SAF), ESA (Brest operation center for ocean EO data, Medspiration, GlobWave, GlobCurrent, OceanFlux, Felyx), CNES (SMOS, CFOSAT), EU (MerSea, MyOcean),...and developed strong skills in data processing, product and metadata specification, user oriented tools and the design of satellite ground segment elements. He is also a member of GHRSST (Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature) science team and has played a leading role in the definition of the GHRSST Data Specification (GDS).

One of his focus is also now the design and demonstration of thematic EO data exploitation platforms making use of cloud computing & big data technologies.