The GHRSST archive at CERSAT

GHRSST-logo largeGHRSST is an international project organised as a partnership between distributed production centers responsible for generating SST products, to a common format and content specification. Several such regional data assembly centres (RDACs) exist throughout the world. Their primary task is to collate all level 2 satellite SST measurements within their region or for their sensors, perform quality assessment and reissue the data in a common format, including a measure of the quality of every measurement, suitable for model assimilation. These are called GHRSST L2P data. Global Data Centers (GDACs) then collect and archive all these datasets at a single place where users can access them. CERSAT is the European GHRSST GDAC.

 CERSAT is one of the main GHRSST data archives, together with:

  • JPL PODAAC which gives access to the latest produced datasets
  • NODC/LTSRF which provides access to historical datasets once they are removed from PODAAC archive

CERSAT gives access to complete datasets and updates them in near-real time, either by collecting them from the providers (RDACs) or from PODAAC. We therefore maintain complete and updated collections for European users. Our archive only focus on L2P and L3P products. All data are accessible through various ways :

  • FTP
  • OpenDAP
  • Naiad for finer selection. Check also this useful command line tool to select your files of interest with respect to a chosen area and time frame of interest.


These data are freely available on FTP ( However (simple!) registration is required to keep track of the usage of these products.
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The complete product catalogue can be browsed here. Production description and access details are provided for each item.