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smos view6 FINAL H thIfremer is deeply involved in SMOS mission, as an expertise and production center (CATDS). CERSAT particularly focus on the development and improvement of the retrieval of salinity and extreme winds from the SMOS L-band radiometer. Other Ifremer labs (LPO, SISMER) contribute to this activity by collecting and providing qualified in situ measurements for validation and intercomparison.

CERSAT gives access to various data and resources for the research community, including in situ data for validation, experimental datasets of salinity and extreme wind measurements by SMOS, combined products, other sources for intercomparison (Aquarius, etc...), match-up between satellite and in situ, etc... They have been collected onto a single thematic platform and are available through various means:

  • FTP
  • OpenDAP
  • Nephelae cloud

 Some of these data are freely available on FTP ( However (simple!) registration is required to keep track of the usage of these products. All datasets are available when connecting on the Nephelae cloud : access to the cloud is limited to authorized users only.

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The complete product catalogue can be browsed here. Production description and access details are provided for each item.