QuickSCAT vs. Altimeters
 The preliminary results presented in this topic were produced using the QuikSCAT colocated data, processed at CERSAT, with TOPEX/GDR products and with ERS-2/OPR products.
QuickSCAT winds
To help analyzing the quality of the QuikSCAT retrieved winds (from JPL/PO.DAAC L2B product), comparisons with other sensors are performed using the QuikSCAT colocated products generated at CERSAT. Long term first order statistics on wind comparisons are computed on all available data points, including : wind speed differences wind speed…
QuickSCAT backscatter
To investigate SeaWinds on QuikSCAT's backscatter behavior (taken from JPL/PO.DAAC L2A product), two regions of high altitude snow/ice over Greenland and Antarctica, as well as one over the South American tropical rain forest, were chosen. After browsing the data over somewhat larger sectors, these regions were restricted to the following…