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Sentinel-1 SAR Wave Mode Monthly Quality Assessment L2

This bulletin provides a monthly assessment of the geophysical products from Sentinel-1 SAR Wave Mode. The validation is performed globally using co-located ancillary data. This work is funded and performed in the context of ESA's Sentinel-1 Mission Performance Center.

Sentinel 1 Wave Mode Quality Assessement L2 summary{yyyy}{MM}.png
Sentinel-1SAR L2 dataset description{yyyy}{MM}/oswWindSpeed_model_wind_difference_scatter_glo_{yyyy}-{MM}_WW3.png{yyyy}{MM}/sar_model_swh_difference_scatter_glo_{yyyy}-{MM}_ww3spectra_partition_1.png
Details about Wind component Details about Wave component{yyyy}{MM}/sar_model_backscatter_vs_wind_glo_{yyyy}-{MM}_ECMWF_external_wind_WV1_vv.png{yyyy}{MM}/sar_rvl_map_glo_{yyyy}-{MM}.png
Details about Radar parameters Details about RVL (Doppler) component