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Operational news

End of Jason-1 mission

Communication with Jason-1 spacecraft had been lost since 21st June. The operation and engineering teams concluded this was a non recoverable failure and consequently the mission is terminated.

This ends also...

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OSI SAF SST products in NetCDF GDS V2

Following the OSISAF Steering Group approval, the operationnal OSISAF low earth orbit SST product in netCdf format will change from GDS v1 to GDS v2 on 4th july 2013.

This change...

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Data interruption from Jason-1

No telemetry was received from Jason-1 platform since 2013/06/21 00h56 TU. The telemetry acquisition problem is under investigation by project teams.

GlobWave NRT products from Jason-1 are therefore no more available.

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Jason-1 altimeter data are back

Jason-1 instruments POSEIDON and JMR have been switched on 2013/03/18 around 10h55 UTC, following the interruption since 28 February 2013. The production of all related data has resumed.

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Jason-1 in Safe Hold Mode since 28 February 2013 at 1613 UT

Dear OSTST Members,

Just a few days after the successful launch of the new altimetry satellite SARAL, Jason-1 has experienced an anomaly.

The Jason-1 spacecraft entered safe mode on 28 February 2013...

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