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02 July 2013

OSI SAF SST products in NetCDF GDS V2

Following the OSISAF Steering Group approval, the operationnal OSISAF low earth orbit SST product in netCdf format will change from GDS v1 to GDS v2 on 4th july 2013.

This change is requested by the GRHSST community; its main impact is the compression mode which will be internal instead of external with bzip.

The modification is based on the GDS v2 document available on the GHRSST web site :

In order for the users to anticipate this switch, a test period is scheduled starting 04/06/2013 afternoon.

  1. For EUMETCast users, some MGR SST test files will be available on a EUMETSAT ftp server : Note that the filename will be modified following the example below : from to
  2. For IFREMER users, MGR, NAR and GLB SST GDSV2 products will be sent in parallel during one month with the ones in GDSV1 format, and available in the same directory. Note that with the change to the GDS v2 format, the filenames will be different, following the example below.

GDSV1 filenames :


GDSV2 filenames :


The date of the operationnal switch to GDSV2 is planned on 04/07/2013.