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Calypso allow visualisation and interactive analysis to various data used or produced by GlobWave project for the validation or inter-comparison with satellite data, such as buoys, satellite/buoy matchups or model outputs. This application has been implemented by Ifremer/Cersat and requires flash plugin on your navigator.

Access the online tool here!


Naiad is a system initially designed by CERSAT and implemented with the support of Diateam to search, visualize and extract relevant data from massive archives. Its development was supported by external partners such as ESA and EUMETSAT, and it is now an OpenSource framework, developed jointly by CERSAT and JPL/PO.DAAC.

Nausicaa : an advanced tool for the monitoring of coastal areas

NAUSICAA is an interactive image browser than can be accessed with any recent web navigator supporting Java. It displays daily mosaics of satellite, model or in situ data over predefined geographical areas. These data may consist of images or vectorial shapes (marks, vectors, contour lines) and can be viewed thanks to enhanced interactive tools (zoom, display and extraction of numerical valuesn contrast adjustment, layer overlapping,...). Nausicaa aims at providing a support to monitoring and understanding the bio-geochemical exchanges in coastal areas (algae blooms, etc...).

Nephelae scientific python virtual environment

python logoWe provide on Nephelae a complete set of useful python packages to handle and analyse scientific data. It includes publically available packages widely available in the community (numpy, scipy, etc...) as well as a set of packages implemented by Ifremer or in the frame of our projects. Feel free to request any package that may be missing and we will add it.

Quicklooks of some CERSAT gridded products can browsed through your web navigator from this page.

The following script is intended to retrieve the list and urls of the orbit files of a given product matching a user defined area and time period of interest.