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NAUSICAA : an advanced browser for the monitoring of regional areas

 NAUSICAA is an interactive image browser accessible with any recent web navigator. It provides daily mosaics of satellite and in situ data over predefined geographical areas. These data may consist of images or vectorial data (mark-ups, vectors, contour lines) associated with advanced interactive features (zoom, data extraction, color palette adjustement, layers,...). NAUSICAA is mostly intended for monitoring and understanding the bio-geophysical processes occuring in regional areas (algae bloom, etc...). This section provides the basics to use NAUSICAA at its best.


The NAUSICAA browser can be used with the following configuration :

  1. recent web navigator : IE6.+, Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape 7.+, Opera
  2. environment : Linux, Unix, Windows
  3. Java virtual machine

Step 1 : Connecting to NAUSICAA

nausicaa login small


NAUSICAA requires first you to register yourself, in order to create your user profile. This profile will allow you later to customize your environment and keep track of all your settings. The procedure to register to Nausicaa is the following :


  1. click on 'register' in the login page
  2. fill in the registration form and submit by clicking on 'create profile'. Once it is done, you have access to Nausicaa and you can log in.
  3. a confirmation email will be sent to you later
  4. Before using the application, you need to get the access permissions on the various datasets available in the system (some may be restricted). The permission are granted by the Nausicaa administrators (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), usually within 1-2 working days. They can also be directly requested to them by email. Meanwhile you can use Nausicaa with the guest login (guest/guest) with access to all the free-of-use datasets.
  5. An email will be sent to you once the permissions have been granted by the administrators. It will list all the datasets for which you have access permissions.

Step 2 : Using the mosaic view

nausicaa mosaics


This view is automatically displayed when you first connect to NAUSICAA. It provides a general view of all available data for the selected day (or period of time) and the selected datasets. The following features are available :

  1. selecting your data of interest in the general catalog
  2. browsing the data
  3. asking for visualization or extraction
  4. customizing your settings


Note : NAUSICAA first opens with no data selected and thus an empty mosaic view. Users connecting for the first time to NAUSICAA will first have to select their datasets of interest in the general catalog.

read more on using the mosaic view

Step 3 : Using the visualization window

nausicaa applet



This view allows to visualize the data presented in the mosaic view, offering the following interactive features :

  1. retrieving numerical information on the data
  2. zooming the data
  3. managing multiple layers of parameters
  4. adjusting dynamically the image contrast
  5. extracting the data
  6. connecting to other data sources

read more on using the visualization window


NAUSICAA was developped in the frame of ROSES and MARCOAST projects, funded respectively by the European Community (EC) and European Space Agency (ESA).