Sentinel1 google-earth files

To browse quicklook of Sentinel-1 easily we generate kml files. They are updated on a daily basis.

kml files are sorted in YYYY/MM tree view,

and naming convention is the following:

ifremer_S1A_EW_RAW_04_2014.kml -> ifremer_satellite_mode_datatype_MM_YYYY.kml

google earth sentinel1 



Wave Mode 
EW  Extra Wide swath
SM StripMap
IW Interferometric Wide swath


data type
RAW L0 product
SLC L1 Single Look Complex
GRD L1 Ground Range Detected (GRDH: high resolution GRDM: medium resolution GRDF: full resolution)
OCN L2 Ocean product


Monthly files are available for of the L0 and L1 sub products collected at Ifremer.

You can download them here:  download-button-fte-metro

Note: WV_SLC and WV_OCN kml files contain roughness, cross-spectra and colocalized WW3 cross-spectra plots of each imagette.