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Oceanography From Space


The R&D activities of the CERSAT address scientifc problematics such as calibration/validation of satellite sensors, improving the knowledge of the ocean/atmosphere interface in terms of number and accuracy of the remote-sensed variables, understanding or quantifying the impact of satellite data with respect to other sources of data, bringing to users a more comprehensive and accessible view of the state of the ocean through adapted products and tools. This approach is in particular focused on various parameters such as sea surface temperature and salinity, ocean winds, ocean colour and waves.


The CERSAT/Laboratory of Oceanography from Space is strongly focused on the usage of spaceborne instruments to retrieve and measure geophysical properties of the ocean from satellite. In that context, we have been involved in numerous missions, sometimes as a user of complementary observations but in many cases as an expert laboratory, a contributor to the data quality assessment and validation, or a dedicated data processing and dissemination center. This section provides an overview of the various missions we have been involved in to some degree.