The CERSAT/Laboratory of Oceanography from Space is strongly focused on the usage of spaceborne instruments to retrieve and measure geophysical properties of the ocean from satellite. In that context, we have been involved in numerous missions, sometimes as a user of complementary observations but in many cases as an expert laboratory, a contributor to the data quality assessment and validation, or a dedicated data processing and dissemination center. This section provides an overview of the various missions we have been involved in to some degree.

CFOSAT is a French-Chinese mission embedding two wave and wind measuring instruments. Its launched is schedule for 2015. The CERSAT is deeply involved in this project, both providing scientific expertise and hosting the future wind & wave data processing and archiving center for this mission.
The ERS Program (European Remote Sensing satellite system) of the European Space Agency has been one of the most essential part of an important european earth observation program concerning meteorology, climatology, oceanography, land resource management... It has been a core R&D and data archiving activity of CERSAT since its creation, as one of the key elements of the ESA ground segment.
Oceanography from space is a young science, the first ocean observation satellite having being launched in the late 70s. Since then, an increasing number of missions have been launched, from exploration to a new era of systematic operational monitoring of the ocean. This section gives an overview of the main missions which have paved the way of this 30 years adventure we have contributed to, until the anticipated future missions…
CERSAT involvement in SMOS The CERSAT is strongly involved in the SMOS mission and in the CATDS : we are part of the SMOS scientific mission group we are SMOS Expert Support Laboratory for the ESA we are part of the CEC-OS Brest team (see below CATDS/CECOS). In this context, we bring expertise and support for the development of the L3/L4 processing chains, and we produce salinity research products distributed by the…