Accessing Nephelae

We offer to our partners the ability to remotely process data on Nephelae, the cloud computing facility at Cersat. This means that the user does not have to download the data archive (which can be a huge amount of data) but instead work and process them remotely. You can find here how to get an access to a virtual machine matching your needs and start playing with the OceanFlux Greenhouse Gases data.

How to get an access

First of all, you need an account to access the platform. Please fill in the following form to ask for your account creation : CERSAT cloud account creation request


Note: we reserve ourselves the right to grant or refuse the access to our processing resources, depending on the processing platform load and priorities. The description of your project will help us to set these access priorities in case we face with too many demands.


Terms and conditions

Nephelae data and processing resources are public domain and may be used, copied and distributed free of charge. Nephelae data and processing resources may be exploited commercially to develop revenue-generating services where measurable value is added to the Nephelae resources by a service provider. Distribution or copying of unmodified Nephelae resources for commercial purposes or financial gain is strictly prohibited. Users are required to acknowledge Cersat/Nephelae project in any resulting papers, products, presentations or other outreach material.

Any resource made available through OceanFlux is not guaranteed to be: up to date, true, not misleading, free from viruses (or anything else which may have a harmful effect on any technology), or to always be available for use.

No liability shall be accepted for any losses incurred as a result of the use of these data.

Connecting to Nephelae

To use Nephelae, each user has to connect to an entry-point virtual machine (shared or user-specific), which is directly connected to the Cersat Cloud infrastructure.

Ifremer cloud access


SSH Client is required since SSH Protocol is the standard way to access the entry-point.

Depending on your constraints, the way you access to the Cersat Cloud Facility may vary, here is the matrix summary:

connexion from access type requirements notes
internet   Virtual Private Network ("VPN IFREMER") IFREMER extranet & intranet account

NetworkConnect (, a service provided by Ifremer IT department, is the recommended way to connect to IFREMER infrastructure from internet (easy from an up-to-date Windows desktop with antivirus and recent Java JRE version; painful from Linux)

Remote Graphical Desktop with NxNomachine is OK

SSH Tunneling & Hop ("Vbannec IFREMER") IFREMER extranet & intranet account

Once connected to the web IFREMER "domicile" portal ( and the Java tunneling applet started, user can connect to the "vbannec" host gateway. The , just ssh again to your Cersat Cloud entry-point

Remote Graphical Desktop with NxNomachine is NOT OK

SSH (direct connection) IFREMER intranet account
user fixed IP adress
Easiest way to use the Cersat Cloud from internet, but requires a specific authorization
IFREMER network ("intranet")
IFREMER intranet account SSH (direct connection) IFREMER intranet account Remote Graphical Desktop with NxNomachine is OK


Tools you can use to connect

This list is not comprehensive, but summarizes the usual tools. They all rely on SSH protocol.

Note:. we strongly encourage to use the "nxclient" tool to connect to the Cersat Cloud infrastructure, since it provides an efficient remote graphical desktop (with session resuming when disconnect).


Command line tools:

  • from Window : putty
  • from Linux : ssh client, sftp, scp...


Remote graphical desktop tools:

  • NxNoMachine for Windows, Linux, Mac
  • WinSCP for Windows 


  Important remark: please note that user-specific entry point server (running Nx/NoMachine remote graphical desktop for example) may be disabled if not used for 3 months. After this delay, send an email if you want to reactivate it. Your data will NOT be deleted at the end of the 3-month period. The project shared entry-point will not be disabled for the project duration.



Contact and support

If you need support, please contact the Cersat helpdesk This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (subject : "Nephelae Cloud").