Connecting to Nephelae platform, users are provided with a set of tools and libraries than can be used to process and analyse the data on the platform.

Data reading and processing tools

python logoTools are provided to read and analyse the data:

  • a scientific python virtual environment providing tons of useful python packages to handle and process scientific data
  • cerbere : a python library by Ifremer to read and homogenize data from a large collection of different input formats and datasets.
  • cerbere-utils : a python library by Ifremer providing a set of useful functions and tools to create ocean data products.


Non-python tools include:

  • R : a well spread language for statistics.


Processing tools

Tools are available to manage processing tasks in a distributed manner:

  • gogolist is a tool for easily distributing over the cloud nodes a processing task that has to be run over a large number of input files.