Visualization of SST data

All Medspiration data can be visualized through a set of tools with various level of interactivity.

Pre-generated images

Static pre-generated images can be browsed easily day by day for the various area for which a sea surface temperature map is produced. Use the following links :

Dynamic viewing

In order to improve interoperability and to increase integration into existing standard applications, Medspiration data are also served through a WMS (WebMap Server) service (ncWMS) so that any WMS client can connect to this server, providing direct access to your own GIS application.Configurate your GIS client by connecting to the following URL :

NEW! : A user-friendly web client, CALYPSO, is now available to allow any users to benefit on these interactive capabilities (zooming, etc...) without requiring to have their own GIS client. Direct links to a predefined area are provided below