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Data centers

CLS Argos (Collecte Localisation Satellite)

The CLS Argos (Collecte Localisation Satellite) , located in Toulouse (France), carries out the scientific quality control of ERS-1 and ERS-2 altimeter data processed at CERSAT (OPR and VLC products).


JPL PO.DAAC (Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center)

The JPL PO.DAAC (Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center) , located in Pasadena (California, USA) archives and distributes oceanographic data collected by satellite sensors. Many products (sea-ice maps, mean wind fields, colocated products,...) are generated at CERSAT using the data provided by JPL/PO.DAAC. As a partner, the JPL/PO.DAAC also hosts a mirror site of the CERSAT. The CERSAT distributes on-line some JPL products, as a mirror site for the European scientific community.

JPL Scatterometry

Remote Sensing Systems

COAPS Scatterometry




Salinity Remote Sensing


Salinity Sea Ice Working Group

ESA Living Planet Program

University of Barcelona