Ifremer R&D objectives in physical oceanography focus in particular on better assessing and describing the state of the ocean and the air-sea interactions by :

  • imagining and developing new observation systems, like innovative satellite missions
  • experimenting new ways of probing the ocean surface
  • playing a leading role in the management of multi-partner integrated networks of observation, such as Coriolis
  • improving or implementing methods and algorithms to retrieve geophysical information from available sensors
  • assessing and controling the quality and accuracy of the various instruments
  • adding value to existing data through advanced products and applications
  • integrating and combining the various observation sources and modeling to better understand the interactions and forces in play at sea surface
  • studying and quantifying the phenomena occuring over the ocean, such as extreme events

These activities are mainly led by the Laboratory of Physical and Space Oceanography (LOPS) within which the SIAM unit (Satellite and Interface Air-Mer)  provides expertise on satellite remote sensing, from the conception of future missions to the development of advanced scientific data products and services for the user community, distributed by CERSAT.