CERSAT uses and processes the observations from multiple spaceborne instruments to retrieve and measure geophysical properties of the ocean surface, or for science applications. Ifremer is also deeply involved in some satellite missions as an expert laboratory, a contributor to their data quality assessment and validation, or the development and dissemination of advanced products by CERSAT. This section provides an overview of the missions we are supporting or which are relevant to our activities.


The ERS Program (European Remote Sensing satellite system) of the European Space Agency.

Ocean Satellites missions

An overview of the main missions which have paved the way of this 30 years adventure we have contributed to, until the anticipated future missions on which we are already working.


CFOSAT is a French-Chinese mission embedding two instruments for ocean wave and wind observation.


The objective of the SMOS mission is to provide Soil Moisture (SM) and Ocean Salinity (OS) maps.