Meteosat-8 is a weather satellite jointly designed and operated by ESA (European Space Agency) and EUMETSAT (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites). It aims at providing data for weather prediction and climate research. The onboard 12 spectral bands (visible and infra-red) radiometer provides imaging of the sea surface every 15 minutes, enabling in particular retrieving of the sea surface temperature over Atlantic ocean with a 5km resolution.

CERSAT archives and distributes all Meteosat-8 sea surface temperature products in the frame of O&SI SAF project and in partnership with Meteo-France.

Additional Info

  • Mission: Meteosat-8 (aka MSG-1)
  • Agency: EUMETSAT
  • Orbit: geostationary
  • Altitude: 36000 km
  • Launch date: Wednesday, 28 August 2002
  • Status: operational