PolarView program is the follow-on of the ICEMON program as GMES.

It is a contribution to the International Polar Year.

The objective is to design and implement and operate an integrated monitoring service for sea ice and related atmospheric and ocean processes in polar regions using satellite earth observation data in combination with in situ observations and modelling methods.

This ESA project involves European and international research institutes. It is coordinated by C. Randall (C-core, Canada).

The Laboratoire d'Océanographie Spatiale of IFREMER produces operationally daily products as concentration and drift maps. The actual drift product has a 62.5 km grid spacing combining scatterometer data (QuikSCAT) and radiometer data (SSM/I). A new product is being tested for evaluation and systematic production at CERSAT, based on AMSR-E enhanced resolution which leads to a 31.25 km grid spacing.

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