Ocean colour and phytoplankton flora

A new Ocean Colour product is now available at CERSAT: Satellite-derived chlorophyll-a associated to the phytoplankton flora observed at coastal stations

For the GIGASSAT project (www.gigassat.org) funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche Agrobiosphère, the flora compositions observed from the REPHY stations (Ifremer network of phytoplankton)  are projected on the Chl-a images derived from the application of the OC5 Ifremer algorithm to the merged MERIS (up to April 2012) and MODIS marine reflectances. GIGASSAT aims at understanding the evolution of the coastal environment (SST, Turbidity, Chl-a, solar irradiance, phytoplankton composition …) and its effects on the growth and the mortality of oysters.

 Quicklook images can be browsed here: maps of chlorophyll-a and flora over French coasts

 Contact : Francis Gohin (fgohin@ifremer.fr)