GlobCurrent 2012 workshop

IFREMER and the European Space Agency (ESA) have sponsored an ocean current data user workshop which took place at Ifremer (Brest, France), on 7th to 9th Match 2012.

The purpose of this User Consultation Meeting (UCM) was to bring users and experts in the field of EO (calibration, validation, data merging, algorithm development) and service delivery together to present their detailed requirements for ocean surface current products and services. Conclusions and stated user requirements from this meeting will be used to define the scope and develop guidelines for a potential Data User Element (DUE) project "GlobCurrent" competitively funded by ESA. GlobCurrent will demonstrate the feasibility of a unified service for ocean surface currents linked to external user applications.

Conclusions and stated user requirements from this meeting will be used to define the scope and develop guidelines for a potential Data User Element (DUE) project "GlobCurrent" competitively funded by ESA. GlobCurrent will demonstrate the feasibility of a unified service for ocean surface currents linked to external user applications.

The presentations from this meeting are available in the table below :

Wednesday 7th March 2012

GMES Operational Services 
application/pdf 1240_Brefort (798.12 kB)

T. Brefort, European Commission

Overview of the ESA GlobCurrent DUE opportunity, Aims and Objectives for the UCM and expected outcomes 
application/pdf 1255_Donlon2 (13.19 MB)

C. Donlon and O. Arino, ESA

Session 1: Setting the Scene - Ocean Surface Currents from Space

Overview of Ocean Surface currents – Surface velocity observations from the Global Drifter Program 
application/pdf 1310_Lumpkin  (8.05 MB)

R. Lumpkin, NOAA/AOML

Modeling the global ocean circulation with eddy-resolving resolution 
application/pdf 1330_Barnier (7.10 MB)

B. Barnier et al., CNRS

Ocean Surface Currents: What we can do with Earth Observation? 
application/pdf 1350_Larnicol (3.97 MB)

G. Larnicol, CLS

How far can we go with the ESA Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Experiment (GOCE)? 
application/pdf 1410_Bingham (4.84 MB)

R. Bingham, Univ. of Newcastle

Ocean Surface Currents: What we can do with Earth Observation at finer resolutions?
application/pdf 1430_Emery (28.67 MB)

W. Emery et al., CCAR, Univ. of Colorado

Session 2: User Requirements for Ocean Surface Currents

NCEP usage and needs of ocean current measurements  
application/pdf 1450_Rivin (2.47 MB)

I. Rivin et al., NOAA

Impact of ocean surface currents on the ECMWF forecasting system for atmosphere circulation and ocean waves 
application/pdf 1505_Bidlot (7.41 MB)

J.vBidlot, ECMWF

Ocean Currents at the Met Office 
application/pdf 1520_Blockley (1.16 MB)

E. Blockley, MetvOffice

Modeling drifts and waves at Météo-France: the need for observations of currents 
application/pdf 1535_Lefevre (1.63 MB)

J. M. Lefèvre, Météo-France

The GMES Marine Service and its Myocean project: a user and provider of surface current observations
application/pdf 1550_Dombrosky(2.39 MB)

E. Dombrowsky, Mercator-Océan

Current data assimilation and drift forecast models for search and rescue 
application/pdf 1605_Maisondieu (1.38 MB)

C. Maisondieu, Ifremer

Ocean Currents: an O&G operator's needs 
application/pdf 1650_Quiniou (1.18 MB)

V. Quiniou, Total

GlobCurrent - User Benefits in the Offshore Industry 
application/pdf 1700_Grignon (4.83 MB)

K. Millard, H. R. Wallingford, Oxford

Ocean current integration in transoceanic voyage plans 
application/pdf 1710_Cochennec (3.29 MB)

M. Cochennec, CMA-CGM

Oil spill and chemical modelling: operational examples 
application/pdf 1720_Gouriou (3.27 MB)

V. Gouriou, Cèdre

Currents needs for marine energies 
application/pdf 1735_DeRoeck (2.69 MB)

Y. H. De Roeck, Ifremer

Costa Concordia emergency: Satellite images and operational Oceanography in support of Italian coast guard, anti-pollution, and Operational activities 
application/pdf 1750_Caiazzo (9.68 MB)

L.vCaiazzo et al., Generale delle Capitanerie di Porto

Current data for sailing racing boat – routing simulation 
application/pdf 1805_Douillard (14.60 MB)

O. Douillard, Adrena

Ocean surface currents: The challenge for the 21st century 
application/pdf 1820_Quartly (2.18 MB)

G. Quartly et al., NOC

CNES interests in ocean currents monitoring 
application/pdf 1835_Lambin2 (1.43 MB)

J. Lambin, CNES

Ocean surface currents: some aspects of numerical model control, validation and operational use in the marine industry 
application/pdf 1850_Bonjean (1.50 MB)

F. Bonjean, SAT-OCEAN

Satellite and in situ fields experimentation in a turbulent ocean 
application/pdf 1905_Speich (6.59 MB)

S. Speich, LPO

Thursday 8th March 2012

Session 3: Ocean Surface currents: direct measurements and new high resolution challenges

Interplay of ocean current information from spaceborne sensors and from ground-based HF radars 
application/pdf 0830_Forget (6.07 MB)

P. Forget, MIO-CNRS

The Wavemill Mission: initial proof of concept results and needs from GlobCurrent
application/pdf 0845_Buck (9.45 MB)

C. Buck et al. ESA

On the Potential of Current Measurements by Spaceborne Along-Track InSAR
application/pdf 0900_Romeiser (9.11 MB)

R. Romeiser, Univ. of Miami

Global and coastal surface current estimation from SAR 
application/pdf 0915_Collard2 (16.01 MB)

F. Collard, CLS

New challenges for satellite altimeters: What characteristics are needed to capture ocean dynamics at meso and sub-mesoscales? 
application/pdf 0930_Klein (4.33 MB)

P. Klein, Ifremer

On the use of sub-mesoscale tracer information for the improvement of altimetry-derived velocity fields 
application/pdf 0945_Verron (9.12 MB)

J. Verron, LEGI

Surface circulation patterns in the western Gulf of Lion by in-situ detection of Lagrangian coherent structures 
application/pdf 1000_Nencioli (3.39 MB)

F. Nencioli, MIO Marseille

Session 4: Ocean Surface currents: Advanced product developments

Assimilation of information on positions of surface drifters in an operational system for ocean forecasting 
application/pdf 1045_Dobricic (1.80 MB)

S. Dobricic, CMCC

Use of altimetric and wind data to detect the anomalous loss of
SVP-type drifter-drogue 
application/pdf 1100_Rio (2.28 MB)

M. Rio, CLS

Use of in-situ data and models for the Rio-Paris wreck search 
application/pdf 1115_Ollitrault (9.17 MB)

M. Ollitrault, Ifremer

Under-ice ocean currents production using satellite data 
application/pdf 1130_She (3.51 MB)

J. She, DMI

The Ocean Surface Current analyses – Real Time (OSCAR) system (Presented by Rick Lumpkin, NOAA) 
application/pdf 1145_Dohan (2.65 MB)

K. Dohan et al., Earth and Space Research

Surface currents in the Mercator Ocean global and regional systems: validation against observations, use for application and feasible improvements 
application/pdf 1200_Levier (1.06 MB)

B. Levier et al, Mercator-Océan

Reconstruction of ocean velocities from the synergy between existing SSH and SST measurements 
application/pdf 1215_Isern-Fontanet (11.08 MB)

J. Isern-Fontanet, ICCC

Multivariate techniques and diagnostic models for the retrieval of the 3D ageostrophic currents at mesoscale from combined satellite and in situ measurements
application/pdf 1230_Nardelli (2.60 MB)

B. Buongiorno-Nardelli, ISAC-CNR

Parallel Session 5-1 : Ocean Surface Currents from Space : new potential from satellite product

Comparisons between altimetry-derived geostrophic current anomalies, in situ current data, SST and ocean colour observations 
application/pdf 1400_Cancet (3.78 MB)


Singularity Anaysis: a powerful image processing tool in remote sensing of the oceans
application/pdf 1415_Turiel (6.52 MB)

A. Turiel, IMS-CSIC

Observation operators based on Lagrangian Coherent Structures for the assimilation of ocean tracer images 
application/pdf 1430-titaud (3.20 MB)

O. Titaud, CERFACS

Inferring surface displacements from hourly SST fields: preliminary results
application/pdf 1445_LeBorgne (2.11 MB)

P. Le Borgne, Méteo-France CMS

A particle stochastic filter for fluid flow recovery from images
application/pdf 1500_Memin (687.76 kB)

E. Mémin, INRIA

Power laws and inverse motion modeling: application to turbulence measurements from satellite images

P. Héas, INRIA

Characterisation of ocean dynamics from SSH and SST 
application/pdf 1530_Autret (1.30 MB)

E. Autret, Ifremer

Reconstruction of velocities and SST with the variational method 
application/pdf 1540_Ba (601.01 kB)

S. Ba, Télécom Bretagne

Parallel Session 5-2 : Ocean Surface Currents: regional analysis and needs

Some challenges of SST and altimetry observations in the Agulhas Current region
application/pdf 1400_Rouault (5.48 MB)

M. Rouault et al., CSIR Cape Town

Estimation of geostrophic speed from altimetry in the Agulhas current: from gridded product to high resolution 
application/pdf 1415_Tournadre (1.71 MB)

J. Tournadre, Ifremer

Monitoring the surface inflow of Atlantic Water to the Norwegian Sea using Envisat ASAR

M. W. Hansen, NERSC

Monitoring volume transport in a branch of warm inflow towards the Arctic by satellite altimetry 
application/pdf 1440_Hansen (5.52 MB)

B. Hansen, Faroe Marine Research Institute

Assimilation of HF radar currents in the Iroise Sea using EnOI
application/pdf 1455_Raynaud (7.49 MB)

S. Raynaud, ACTIMAR

Coastal ocean surface currents: melding HF radar observations and numerical modelling 
application/pdf 1510_Schulz (3.00 MB)

J. Schulz-Stellenfleth, HZG

A comparison between modelled ocean surface currents and HF radar measurements
application/pdf 1525_Louazel (553.52 kB)

S. Louazel, SHOM

Oceanic assimilation and studies at ALYOTECH 
application/pdf 1540_Mauge (2.41 MB)


A Celebration: 10 years of Marine Observations with ENVISAT

Official Opening

P. Vincent, IFREMER

The ENVISAT Mission 
application/pdf 1600_Laur (4.88 MB)

H. Laur, ESA

CNES presentation

J. Lambin, CNES

ENVISAT Altimetry and its role in Operational Oceanography
application/pdf 1630_LeTraon (5.64 MB)

P-Y. Le Traon, IFREMER

ERS and ENVISAT (A)ATSR: the precision tool for global SST measurement 
application/pdf 1650_Donlon (12.23 MB)

C.vDonlon et al, ESA

ENVISAT Wave mode story and achievements 
application/pdf 1710_Johnsen (1.72 MB)

H. Johnsen, NORUT and F. Collard, CLS

ENVISAT (ASAR, MERIS, AATSR) the synergy precursor

J. Johanessen, NERSC

ENVISAT contribution to the development of application and services, and future perspectives with the Sentinels 
application/pdf 1750_Fanton (6.63 MB)

O. Fanton D'Andon, ACRI

ENVISAT ASAR: a Boost for operational near real-time monitoring of the marine environment and maritime situation 
application/pdf 1810_Kerbaol (7.11 MB)

V. Kerbaol, CLS

The Sentinel 1 Missions 
application/pdf 1830_Desnos (8.21 MB)

Y-L. Desnos et al, ESA

The Sentinel 3 Missions 1
application/pdf 1845_Mecklenburg (5.88 MB)

S. Mecklenburg et al, ESA

Friday 9th March 2012

Session 6 : Ocean Surface currents: impact on ocean wave models

MyWave - A pan-European concerted and integrated approach to operational wave modelling and forecasting - a complement to GMES MyOcean services 
application/pdf 0900_Saetra (1.08 MB)

O. Saetra, Norwegian Météorological Institute

Ocean current effects on sea states 
application/pdf 0915_Ardhuin (5.27 MB)

F. Ardhuin, Ifremer

Session 7: Open plenary discussion on key aspects of User requirements that could be addressed by the GlobCurrent project

Part-1: What are the recommended product and service requirements for GlobCurrent ocean surface currents?

  • Time and space resolution?
  • Format? (netCDF?) and Metadata? (CF v1.5?)
  • Uncertainty information?
  • Land/ocean mask and other Quality flags?
  • Ancillary data?
  • Specific challenges for Shelf seas? Open Ocean? High latitudes?
  • Delivery mechanisms and timeliness (NRT [3-6 hours], daily, 48 hours, others?)
  • Product search and query?
  • Product visualisation?
  • User Support?
  • How to validate services?
  • Any other issue of relevance for products and services?

Chair: J-F. Piollé (IFREMER)

application/pdf Discussion1 (1.68 MB)

Part 2: What are the recommended tools, techniques and data sets that are required by GlobCurrent?

  • Which Data for global ocean?
  • Which Data for shelf seas?
  • What are the essential data for GlobCurrent?
  • What are the essential QC Tools?
  • Which analysis and blending tools?
  • Recommended synergy/blending Techniques?
  • How to estimate uncertainty?
  • How to validate products?
  • Any other issue of relevance for tools, techniques and data sets?

Chair: J. Johannessen (NERSC)

application/pdf Discussion2 (13.65 MB)