TRMM is a US/Japanese earth obervation satellite, focusing mainly on the observation and measurement of tropical and subtropical rainfalls. It embeds several instruments, including the TRMM Microwave Imager (TMI) that is especially useful for oceanography thanks to its ability to provided an estimation of sea surface temperature including over cloudy areas (like AQUA AMSR-E).


TRMM/TMI data are used by CERSAT to compute the ODYSSEA gap-free sea surface temperature fields (thanks to the ability of TMI to deliver SST observations over cloudy areas) as a complement to AQUA AMSR-E radiometer providing the same ability (and a wider coverage).

Additional Info

  • Mission: TRMM
  • Agency: NASA, NASDA (alternate organization: Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency)
  • Orbit: equatorial, non sun-synchronous
  • Launch date: Thursday, 27 November 1997
  • Status: operational